Trying to understand and be the best but getting a cold shoulder is quite the heavy feeling.Going all in,placing all those marbles on the table trying to earn a one day ticket to be with ur intended but it seems patience is all u can train for.Do so much but u get a shrug .little mistakes noticed all good things quite taken for granted .Why do u still stay ? Are u scared to be lonely,or scared that u can never give your all to smn else I’d say I found my soulmate who acts lk a Gothic with no sudden jolted emotions .We all can’t be treated the same way we treat our loved ones .They believe we are a standby post ready to be activated when they deem it fit.A crazy world .I wish times cud go back to the Rise of dinosaurs where only our instinct wud judge our demise


Change is a Rainbow

The rainbow has around seven different yet similar colors .All the rainbows color are primary yet secondary .The different colors combine with any other to create the latter bringing  about different effects which build up the beauty of the rainbow .A rainbow nation has different colors yet live among st one another to bring a change. Either good or bad it is still a change .The world is like a rainbow it picks which color it should play with and this brings a trickle effect down to its unsuspecting inhabitants.Rainbows fade with time so does change but sometimes the effect it leaves with us can be irreversible.

It is believed that at the end of the rainbow there is pot of gold that awaits .If you manage to get to it first before the Irish leprechaun he will grant you a wish to get it back the luck of the Irishrainbow earth


We all hv memories ☀so old we find lots of cobwebs in our subconscious .Memories are lk spiders they Mk their webs in a series of patterns that get triggered by the little events that happen around us.Either its the smell of fresh loam soil👃 or the touch💆 of a pet or even a deja vu ☀incident.Memories are lk spiders they crawl up anytime they want to and when u about to mk meaning of things they cut their web and jump to another wall u hv to breakdown to get word of wat u wanted🙆 to recall.The best u can do is let it be or u could result to a spa session 🙏specifically acupuncture. It helps to know that our spiders hv their reasons to crawl.🔱🔱🔱🔱Screenshot_2017-04-08-15-00-08

The Fire in us🔥

Fire🔥 one of the most outstanding elements of them all.

It is so powerful it can destroy from the lesser of men to the greatest.All of us have that fire that defines our true potential.Once it is lit up no one can stop you from being the best you can.


Honey trap

Honey so sweet .

The perfect bait for a bear.People 👥tend to have a weakness,a pointbreak,a kryptonite.All this makes us vulnerable at times ,the perfect baitfor all those hunting.Dont get me wrong on this front no one is perfect but then again not everyone falls that easy.People are different ,diverse upon mother earth.Never underestimate your prey they can surprise you