Its a lively, vigorous type of contemporary Latin American popular music, blending predominantly Cuban rhythms with elements of jazz, rock and soul music.

I love dancing 😁who really doesn’t but I never thought I’d go through a 14 hour salsa dance class .

The amphitheater was packed with epic performances that  landed the stage as the Dj spinned  the latest tracks that currently ruled the Kenyan airwaves .Sitted by my side was Winnie Dove (favorite girl) who was all supercharged dancing to the pysche master’s tune.She is amazing.

The Mist Salsa Ku group popped up on stage accompanied with a seductive Latino beat intro.They sold their campaign (join us) with the most elegant and remarkable dance moves executed with the best precision.Dove and I were the first to give them a standing ovation.   It was so smooth I had goosebumps all over and a sudden rush of utopia down my spine.I guess thats the day it all started (the addiction).

The Mist Salsa club secretary Ms.Muhoro was by the door signing in new recruits into the world of dance.Dove was the first to dive in for the pen before I did,either way ladies first😊.

She talked all about it all night as we had our usual cosy night walks.The feeling was contagious.

On Wednesday the initiation began .Girls all over the room literally all over the room.Cute,pretty,gorgeous girls😰 all😱 over. Salsa is not really popular with guys so the ratio was 5 to 1.Am not complaining. It was a slice of my kind of heaven.Mehn…so many girls.                   #No fisi. 

I kept calling Dove she wasn’t picking up so I left a voice note instead.Next to me was Superherodude(Mikey) The nigga was already getting contacts😝 from a quarter of the girls present …damn😆.The dance instructors started off with a feel of salsa and went into a sexy kizomba touch and smashed the finish with a romantic bachata coupling.

Mikey was like ‘how the fu** do we pull that off ,you are on your own man😰”

Trust me when I say, he was right in a way but I love a challenge and I love adding new skills to my résumé . I didn’t really enjoy the whole thing, my mind was half in it.I was recording📹 the whole thing so Dove wouldn’t feel as if she  missed out on anything.But one thing i came to learn about moments was that ; once you experience them live, u can’t relive them the exact same way u did.Its just the way it is.

Dove called ,I got out .

“I can’t really make it  something came up,sorry😖’

“Its cool I’ll catch u later I guess😟”

That was that .

We caught up later and she apparently couldn’t join the salsa crew she had other stuff she needed to get straight. I understood what she meant.

Dove was out ,Mikey was out ,I was all alone .I quit too.

Here’s the thing am very superstitious ,I believe in black cats🐾 being bad luck ,broken mirrors and all that juju stuff and I also believe in fate.

Everyday onwards as I walked out of the Nyayo gate I would see the Mist Salsa ku group still campaigning for new recruits by the amphitheater with very attractive posters and dances 

I would see more people👥 sign up for it.They seemed to have so much fun .I assumed them but every single day I passed them, the feeling to give it a shot was becoming much stronger and stronger .I come from mostly the Hip hop ,EDM ,rockers world 🎶and so am a very good breakdancer,a tut king,no relation to salsa ,I guess I was adopting diversity,a breach between the genres.

One day I decided not to just pass by but talk to one of the  instructors,Muhoro.

Muhoro is a beautiful👄 light skinned ❤spectacled ❤girl.She was warm and friendly. She explained I had to pay 300/= as registration but she kept some info out tho.A great strategy ,a really great strategy I arrived to my first salsa class🎶 on Monday night. I was late.For most of the other dancers it was their third class.I scanned the room for any familiars there were none except Muhoro.

I headed her  way , paid the registration fee and joined the catch up class which was taught by Beryl who later on with Mugo kept a keen eye on my progress.

At the end of the session we made a circle(tradition) ,the instructors commented on how the class was ,how to improve it and then Mugo brought up the strategical point I was talking about😂😂😂😂.We were to pay an additional 1200/= according to the ultimatums she would give out .In the next session on Wednesday night the number decreased greatly ,at first we were around 88 but now we were about 56 but the girls were still a majority.The fee had come to play.

But it was cheaper,in the outside world one salsa class session was about 300/= per hour even 1000/= depending on where you went either the Metro lounge, Spree club or  lavington.

My dance instructors were the gracious Rita 👅and The Great Omera 😂

Each session the class was getting bigger abd bigger but with new recruits ladies mostly.I came to love the dance but something happened I…

To be continued…..






Halloween🎃 Gold🎃

IMG_20171122_131652The night of 31 October, the eve of All Saints’ Day, often celebrated by children dressing up in frightening masks and costumes. Halloween is thought to be associated with the Celtic festival Samhain, when ghosts and spirits were believed to be abroad.

Mehn…..I clipped this Halloween so bad I miss it already.

Due to the Kenyan elections,I was unsure of how the day would turn out.On Monday I was on my  way back to the big city(Nairobi)from the city of the lake(Kisumu).On the road I made a couple of calls and ordered for a skull  costume from a certain site. I decided to call my best friend Ryan and ask what his plans were.He didn’t pick up.My driver stopped at the Narok depot so we could grab a snack and hit the road.As I alighted ,Ryan called ,he informed me his plans which were pretty sweet if I may say;a Halloween photoshoot ,bobbing for apples,watching horror movies ,going for pizza at TRM(Thika Road mall)and playing dress up .IMG_20171031_144352The day arrived and I can tell you no doubt it was awesome and conflicting at the same time. At around lunch,I was about ready to start the day.As I was heading to the KU gate my friends Karin and Lorraine tagged along.We arrived at TRM by bus and we immediately headed for the Toy store .Don’t laugh 😂😂it was the only place that had the mask I wanted. I picked the skull mask which later on blew up on social media ,mostly Instagram and musically sites.We headed for the Chicken inn where I treated my friends to a burger fries coca cola combo.It was either trick or treat and I bet you know what I picked😎. Two O’Clock in the afternoon and Ryan and Princess were not in sight.Ryan wasn’t picking my calls so I tried Princess.Third attempt is when she picked up and said.”Swee we have a broadcasting class to around four ,I guess you have to wait ,windowshop or do sth ,its the mall,okay swee😘?”

“Sure thing your highness I’ll call ,bye”

That was that. I am super patient (thank my ex for that😉)but Lorraine and Karin weren’t .Minutes passed, a hour passed and Lorraine started to fire up her moods.She became easily irritated and tired ,the sweet beautiful angel just went all fiery mode.Even my jokes had no effect.I thought fast and just told them to follow me .The Game world packed with all the right stuff for epic memories and cool games to pass time.Ice hockey,bumper cars,shoot some hoops,shoot the alien ,ride the cups and many more .My Lorraine was getting back to her usual happy self. We were all psyched up to play but then again the bill was on me as usual but it was Halloween and I didn’t really mind .I just needed to stall them till Princess, Ryan and their crews arrived .It was working till the Game guys said that we needed a gamecard in order to play 😠.REALLY.  I tried to sweet talk the guy and trust me it was working.In a way I was stalling .It was 3:47pm apparently 13 minutes to four. At 3:55 ,my Princess called 😋and she added 20 mins to the wait😭😭😭😭.Exhausted but the Halloween spirit kept me going .We gamed a bit and in no time they arrived. There were to different crews and I was the only mutual friend at the time. Finally,I wore my skull mask and scared Princess then went in for a warm hug from the combat dressed lady.Ryan was a bit confused at the time ,he was collecting cash for Pizza and trust me his math was off  😂😂.I showed them the other masks ,mine was 590/= and so were the others.They assumed buying and headed to a corner and started taking selfies with the masks with the price tags still on😂💲😂till the storekeeper came around.

We headed for the Pizza inn and everyone got to know one another.       Only 10 mins till our bellies would enjoy the large tasty chicken periperi pizza,and the barbeque pizza👅👅👅.WeIMG_20171031_165201 did some awesome musicallys that we would  post online later to floss to some peeps about the wonderful time we were having.As the only mutual link between the crews I was the one mostly talking with some help from Ryan.Princess kept tickling and poking me all the time 😂(its our thing don’t judge)😂.An awesome day we all went our separate ways and I went back to campus.

At night I put on my skull mask and walked by the street scaring most of the people I met .I stood by the bush next to the popcorn stand and began to scare some ladies.You could have seen their faces,they ran and screamt for their dear lives.Some unfortunately fell down and others knew what I was doing and were so intrigued by it that I landed some👅 contacts.Win 😂win.I even got free popcorn and earned the nickname Mr.Halloween🎃.The midnight clock chimed ,the holiday was over 🎃Finally some rest ,it was an awesome Halloween.Bucket list check👌.

I 💓🎃


Trying to understand and be the best but getting a cold shoulder is quite the heavy feeling.Going all in,placing all those marbles on the table trying to earn a one day ticket to be with ur intended but it seems patience is all u can train for.Do so much but u get a shrug .little mistakes noticed all good things quite taken for granted .Why do u still stay ? Are u scared to be lonely,or scared that u can never give your all to smn else I’d say I found my soulmate who acts lk a Gothic with no sudden jolted emotions .We all can’t be treated the same way we treat our loved ones .They believe we are a standby post ready to be activated when they deem it fit.A crazy world .I wish times cud go back to the Rise of dinosaurs where only our instinct wud judge our demise

Change is a Rainbow

The rainbow has around seven different yet similar colors .All the rainbows color are primary yet secondary .The different colors combine with any other to create the latter bringing  about different effects which build up the beauty of the rainbow .A rainbow nation has different colors yet live among st one another to bring a change. Either good or bad it is still a change .The world is like a rainbow it picks which color it should play with and this brings a trickle effect down to its unsuspecting inhabitants.Rainbows fade with time so does change but sometimes the effect it leaves with us can be irreversible.

It is believed that at the end of the rainbow there is pot of gold that awaits .If you manage to get to it first before the Irish leprechaun he will grant you a wish to get it back the luck of the Irishrainbow earth


We all hv memories ☀so old we find lots of cobwebs in our subconscious .Memories are lk spiders they Mk their webs in a series of patterns that get triggered by the little events that happen around us.Either its the smell of fresh loam soil👃 or the touch💆 of a pet or even a deja vu ☀incident.Memories are lk spiders they crawl up anytime they want to and when u about to mk meaning of things they cut their web and jump to another wall u hv to breakdown to get word of wat u wanted🙆 to recall.The best u can do is let it be or u could result to a spa session 🙏specifically acupuncture. It helps to know that our spiders hv their reasons to crawl.🔱🔱🔱🔱Screenshot_2017-04-08-15-00-08

The Fire in us🔥

Fire🔥 one of the most outstanding elements of them all.

It is so powerful it can destroy from the lesser of men to the greatest.All of us have that fire that defines our true potential.Once it is lit up no one can stop you from being the best you can.